Few common myths about Escorts in Istanbul

Through this piece of writing readers will come to know about a small number of public myths about Escorts. There are many myths that reside in human minds about escorts. But most of it has been reversed by the surveys done in past years.The biggest myth that is prevalent in today’s world is that most of the escorts enter this business at the age of 13.This is completely wrong. With the surveys performed till date the average age of entering prostitution in given as 16.Legally it is 18. They are fully trained and have expertise to give pleasure that is taught to them when they become mature.

Another reason people give that girls choose to enter this business because they do not have money to pay for drugs. This is a myth. Just like us they take work as a profession and choose to be an escort for the same reason as anyone chooses a job. It is mere need and preference that brings them into this business. Many of them are highly educated and have regular jobs. This work can be an option for some extra income in the moon light.

Few also believe that no women escort in Istanbul chooses to be an escort herself either their parents are involved in the business or they are in adverse situation that pushes them to get in trap of this profession. But we fail to understand that every individual is different and the comfort levels are also different. These ladies feel that their work provides them high self esteem and they do not wish to be dependent on anyone else for bread and butter.

Not all the escorts work on streets or have tie ups with the agencies. Most of the girls work independently and a very small portion works on street. If they are too busy then they hire agencies or managers who can perform certain background checks and ensure their safety.

Biggest myth of all is this one. People think only men who are desperate tend to hire these beauties. This is completely wrong. Men of all class and all income levels hire escorts for pleasure. Men who find these ladies more attractive tend to hire them. They have a fear of trouble which affair and one night stand can bring. Clients go for themas they can maintain their privacy and will not cling to their shoulders.